Helga and Ruan

“Tale as Old as Time”

What a delight it was to photograph the second wedding of two people who had finally found each other.  Helga and Ruan celebrated their union in Philadelphia at the NG Kerk;  a beautiful church building indeed.

As we do with every wedding we photograph, we wait till nearer the time and visit the venue at roughly the same time of day that the couple photoshoot will take place.  Philadelpia is full of hidden gems and magnificent places to take beautiful outdoor wedding photographs.  The quaint town and friendly neighbours made this task easy.  We secured permission from various shop owners to take photographs outside their places of business;  some even offered to move things around to make the scene more aesthetically pleasing.

On the day of the wedding we were met with a gale-force gusty wind.  This, unfortunately, put paid to most of our photograph ideas and we arrived earlier than normal to seek out sheltered spots offering great light.  Fortunately the church grounds are pretty and well maintained and we managed to find a great space for the family photographs.

A beautiful ceremony followed:  vows, kisses, songs and candle lighting all endowed the union with a peaceful, happy ambience.  We were ready and captured every moment (even if I, inadvertently, had my sunglasses on the whole time).  Helga had only one request for her and Ruan’s photographs, and that was a photo at the church door; this is fast becoming our signature photograph.  Although it appears completely natural, we do make use of Profoto lighting to create the perfect mood and light for each photograph.

We had only been booked for two hours, but in true style we stayed a little longer so that we could photograph and film their Grand Entry and First Dance at the Reception venue.

Helga and Ruan, we wish you many happy years together.