At the tender age of the late fifties and sixties, we were invited to photograph our first Trance Party.  With some trepidation we opted to photograph the opening on Saturday afternoon and stay only for the first couple of hours.  The aim was to capture the stunning décor and, hopefully, the vibe of the event.  This was going to be a superb example of Event Photography!

Front Right ProductionsTrans event in Cape Town Colourful decor
Colourful Decor

On our arrival at Shambala Farm we were jovially greeted by the Gate Security, i.e., some young “hippie” men with broad smiles and impeccable manners.  They escorted us to the Crew Parking Area where we parked our very unhippie-like car.

The farm was lush and green, and typical farm smells gently competed with the distinct aroma of a trance party.  We retrieved our photographic gear from the boot of the car and set off, ready to document what we would see



Much to our delight, we found both crew and guests to be friendly and accommodating.  They were loved having their photographs taken.

The ambience was invitational and before we knew it, our feet were tapping out the beat of the music spun by the first DJ. Having not yet reached the utmost stage of enlightenment, us mortal beings were driven by hunger pangs to a mobile takeaway, cleverly disguised as a caravan with “THIRD EYE FOOD” emblazoned on the side.  Whether it be a vetkoek and mince, boerewors roll, etc. a visit to this beacon of gastronomic delight, ably managed by Celeste and Jono, is imperative.

Undoubtedly we will never tire of photographing people, with Portrait photography being one of our favourite genres of photography.


Portrait photographsEvent photographs
Stunning Portraits

Getting the desired expression and body language from each individual in front of the lens is a thrill that defies definition.  Being an Event Photographer and/or Portrait Photographer exclusively, is not a mandate we allow ourselves to pursue.  Needless to say, along with capturing the essence of the Event, some exquisite and beautiful portraits were produced as well.

As a team we are able to capture stunning images of almost anything and everything: from the Doc Martins to tattoos; from artistically framed images of those enjoying a rollie to the DJ moving the audience with his style.

We trust that you will enjoy the photographs.

For those who have never experienced the freedom and enjoyment of an event like this …  perhaps give it a try sometime.  Hopefully with your camera at the ready.

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