Serenity South Africa:  100 % authentic cotton knitwear by Linda Durler.Profoto lighting, Profoto light shaper, Emil Bosch Photography, Product Photography

Product photography by Emil Bosch Photography.

Stunning, Beautiful, Classy.  Some of the words that spring to mind when viewing the Serenity knitwear line.  What started as a Facebook request for a product photographer culminated in a fabulous shoot at our home studio in Blouberg.  Thank you to everyone who recommended Emil Bosch Photography.

We had the perfect model in mind for this project, and after some whatsapp messages, Staci Swanepoel joined the adventure.

Make up artist, ModelTayla Osborn, a qualified make-up artist, joined the fun and ensured that Staci’s hair and make-up was on point.  We chose a natural look that complimented the 100 % cotton knitwear.  It resulted in the perfect look to showcase the Serenity products.

A white hand-painted canvas backdrop, beautiful Profoto lighting and Profoto light shapers, made the studio portraits a breeze.  Our lounge was transformed into a homely photographic studio where clients could relax and enjoy watching their product take centre stage.

Emil’s Leica SL2-S always performs beyond expectation and with his years of experience and skill he captures exquisite images.  This shoot was no exception.  Lorraine thoroughly enjoys capturing the “behind the scenes,” creating both stills and video with her Nikon Z6II.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with clients Marcel and Linda Durler.  Their enthusiasm and delight at the images on the screen were gratifying to witness.  The product shoot lasted the full hour and all the items from pullovers to cardigans and ponchos to jackets were captured using various pre-visualised poses.  The Leica effortlessly produced extremely detailed close-up photographs and Emil was able to take great shots of the yarn and knit pattern of the jerseys.Linda Durler, Emil Bosch, Staci Swanepoel

Serenity Knitted Cotton Wear.  Keep an eye out for this product.  Undoubtedly you will want one to form part of your wardrobe.


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